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We have our own factory in Nanjing, China. Among various trading companies, we are your best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner.

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FC Bio Sanitary Herbal Pad - Home | Facebook- bio sanitary pad herbal ,FC Bio Sanitary Herbal Pad, Pasig City. 572 likes · 1 talking about this. Feel the Comfort, Cool and Freshness with the Amazing FC Bio Sanitary Herbal Pads. The First & Only Herbal Pad. Switch Now...Cotton Herbal Sanitary Pads: FC Bio Sanitary PadsFC Bio Sanitary Pad is uniquely formulated. It contains special formula of natural herbs that helps women to get rid of many perplexing problems. FC Bio Sanitary Pad helps relieve menstrual pain and regulates menstrual cycle. It is deodorised, anti-bacteria and it prevents infections, improves uterus contraction and enhances immune system.

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Bio Sanitary Pad. FC Bio Sanitary Pad enriched with pure natural herbs to provide hygiene, dryness and feminine comfort during menstruation period. Herbal Pads come out with 17 selected herbs. Among the advantages and benefits of herbal pads are : • Restore and balance the menstrual cycle system. • Reduce risk and shrink the fibroid tumor.

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FC BIO Sanitary Pad | Pembalut Ajaib Berbahan Herbal

Memperkenalkan Pembalut Ajaib hasil proses Bio-Technology, berbahan HERBAL, MULTI Khasiat & Manfaat. Hasil riset para ahli yang menghasilkan produk SPEKTAKULER berupa pembalut wanita dengan segala kelebihan & manfaatnya. Syukur Alhamdulillah, kini telah hadir secara resmi di Indonesia produk FC Bio Sanitary Pad AVAIL. Keunggulan dari produk ini diantaranya adalah: 1.

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Feminine Comfort (FC) Bio Sanitary Pads: An Honest …

Dec 03, 2015·The Bio Sanitary Pad is uniquely designed and specially formulated by 5 important natural herbs and another 12 minor types of valuable natural herbs. It is also insured with RM 3 million (EUR 600,000) insurance product.

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FC Bio Sanitary Pad with NATURAL HERBS ! FC Bio Sanitary Pad enriched with pure natural herbs to provide hygiene, dryness and feminine comfort during menstruation period. ... Helps to prevent and rectify the following problems: • Urinary tract infection. • Vaginal infection. • Itchiness. • Hemorrhoid. • Backache during menstruation.

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FC Bio-Sanitary Pad (HERBAL PAD)

Apr 09, 2010·FC Bio-Sanitary Pad Specially Formulated With Natural Herbs Patented Functional Bio-Sanitary Pad with natural herbs - Hygiene, Protection, Comfort and Functional Product. Having 20 years patent, the only patented sanitary pad. Ensure safe Usage, without bleaching and florescence solution & 100% cottony cover and sensitivity free.

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Agen Pembalut Herbal S.Co | Bio Herbal Sanitary Pad

Feb 01, 2013·S.Co Internasional adalah sebagai Sole Agent (Agen tunggal) Pembalut Herbal dari Pabrik Dongguan Dongmei untuk Indonesia. Peluang Usaha Bio Sanitary Pad SCO, hanya dengan Rp. 300.000,- Anda sudah bisa bergabung dan mengembangka usaha ini…. Info, hub. Susie +62811239758 / pin BB 29112B14.

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Aura Natural Pads

World's first USDA Biopreferred approved Biodegradabale sanitary pads made from plant fibers. Certified to be 93% biobased with no chemicals or plastic on the pads. Aura Pads is your choice to have a healthy lifestyle on Feminine Hygiene and also saving Mother Earth from Plastic Pollution.

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