why does my dog ate used sanitary pads

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my dog ate a used sanitary pad - techno-heat- why does my dog ate used sanitary pads ,Why Does My Dog Eat Used Tissues? + How to Stop It!- my dog ate a used sanitary pad ,Dogs will hook them out and then start eating the used tissues due to how it feels on their gums.To reduce the chewing of inanimate objects other than food you should have a supply of decent puppy teething toys (view on Amazon) to keep them occupied and …Swallowed Objects & Dogs: Symptoms & First Aid for ...What to do if dog eats sanitary pads? – joewongcomedyMay 06, 2021·Why does my dog tear up my used pads? Why Puppies Chew Up Potty Pads Potty pads have a similarly destroy-able texture that makes a satisfying tear as your dog attacks it. Sometimes, though, it’s just the novelty of them. If your puppy has not spend much time using pads, she might find the unfamiliar papery smell interesting.

Why does my dog like to eat sanitary napkins from the ...

Answer (1 of 6): You are part of their pack. They don’t want to leave evidence of smell behind for other predators or competitors. When you use sanitary pads, dogs think you have a wound, and therefore must hide the smell so that you do not become the weakest in the pack, and the main target of t...

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