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Vodka Tampons And 5 Other Bizarre Ways To Get Drunk ...- alcohol infused tampons recipe ,Sep 22, 2016·Vodka Tampons. Vodka tampons are exactly what they sound like — tampons drenched in vodka, and inserted in the vagina. This trend is more popular among teenagers in order to receive a quicker high that lasts longer, and is more intense. According to a CBS 5 report, teenagers are soaking them in vodka first before using them. It gets directly ...18 Infused Vodka Recipes to Add Flavor ... - The Spruce EatsSep 17, 2020·Strawberry Vodka. Jamie Grill / Getty Images. Capture the essence of sweet strawberries in a delicious vodka. This infusion should take a little over a week and it's perfect for a variety of cocktails like the sparkling strawberry rosé recipe, pairing the vodka with pear, basil, and sparkling wine. 02 of 18.

Vodka Tampons: Myth or Fact?

Aug 05, 2020·There are no documented cases of vodka tampons, but there have been reports of alcohol enemas. An alcohol enema — aka butt chugging — involves …

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Vodka-infused tampons - just when you think you've been ...

Feb 04, 2015·Vodka-infused tampons - just when you think you've been asked everything! - February 04, 2015. I've been doing this for a long time and one of the most challenging parts of what I do is answering young peoples' questions about 'all things alcohol and other drugs' ... I've been asked so many curly questions over the years, many by those who ...

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Boil Tampons, Drink The Water, and Get High : Drugs

Boil Tampons, Drink The Water, and Get High. Hello everyone, I come from Indonesia and last week one strange incident occur in Central Java. Bunch of kids decided to boil tampons then drink the water in purpose to get high. I think this is a dangerous practice - though I can't find …

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Vodka tampons? | Go Ask Alice!

Jun 18, 2021·Before you place your order, it’s good to know that using alcohol-infused tampons to get drunk could be a risky (not to mention uncomfortable) feat. However, no cases have been documented, leading some health experts to believe that this phenomenon is a …

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Cannabis Tampons: Relief for Menstrual-Related Pain?

Apr 09, 2018·Put in the Foria Relief tampon, keep it in for around 15 minutes, and then insert a ‘normal’ tampon. The widely-recognized medicinal properties of the marijuana plant should provide hope to women with PMS. Until we get clinical evidence of cannabis tampons, however, don’t …

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How To Make Cannabis-Infused Alcohol

Nov 23, 2014·1. Pre-heat oven to 240°F. 2. Spread out cannabis onto a baking sheet (line the baking sheet with either aluminum foil or parchment paper to make the next steps easier) 3. Bake for 30 to 60 ...

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New Extreme Drinking Trend Involves Alcohol Soaked …

May 22, 2012·Teens are trying alcohol-laced gummy bears to infused tampons and enemas By Christine Haas and R. Stickney • Published May 22, 2012 • Updated on May 22, 2012 at 10:24 am

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*Appetizers-Alcohol Infused Adults Only

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