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Improving Sanitation and Hygiene Practices- importance of sanitary pad in medical practice pdf ,health and hygiene. Sanitary pads were not easily available in the villages and as a result, 90 percent of the women and girls were using cloth as an absorbent during menstruation. The used cloth was either buried or thrown away in open fields or rivers. Gender inequality was evident. Women and girls stayed within the confines of their homes duringImportance Of Sanitary Pad for women during periods ...Nov 28, 2018·Importance Of Sanitary Pad for women during periods. Disposable menstrual pads were invented by Benjamin Franklin as an invention created to help stop wounded soldiers from bleeding. The first commercially available pad was Southall’s pad in 1888. Padma Shri Arunachalam Muruganantham fabricated a cheap hygienic pad- creating machine.

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Most of the women (65%) used only sanitary pad and 30% used only cloth pieces (Figure 1). Out of total study subjects, 8 women used both sanitary pad and cloth piece during menstruation. Over all prevalence of sanitary pad use was higher (75.0%) among those aged <25 years than those aged ≥35 years (33.3%). This difference was

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about the use of sanitary pads. The mean age of menarche in the study subjects was 12.85 ± 0.867 years; sanitary pads were used by 49.35% of the selected girls. The practice of the use of old clothes was reported in 45.74% of the subjects. Satisfactory cleaning of the external genitalia was practised by 33.85% of the girls.

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4. DESIGN OF THE LOW COST SANITARY PAD: Due to the importance of the matter, IRSP designed a low cost sanitary pad with the help of locally available materials. Details of material and process of the pad are here below; The material: Cotton Pad made with bandage, cotton and plastic sheet (9x4) 11 x 4 Thread Plastic Sheet Sewing Machine Gauze

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58% of girls in rural and 53% of girls in urban areas in Kenya unable to afford sanitary pads. An average of 22% of school aged girls reported that they purchase their own sanitary products, which begs the question of who provides the money and what they have exchanged for it.

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Importance of Sanitary Pads? - Delhi Magazine

Mar 05, 2020·Not using sanitary pads in periods and using contaminated clothes repeatedly can lead to many such fatal and fatal diseases. Therefore, special care should always be taken about cleanliness during periods. Sickness of women affects the whole family. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of men to pay attention to the health of women during ...

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Importance of Sanitary pad disposal - Stree Sanman

Nov 30, 2018·After the usage of sanitary pad, the next step is to educate women about the Importance of Sanitary pad disposal. Improper sanitary pad disposal of the sanitary pad can lead to various problems which include large heaps of pads all over, bacteria causing infection, unhygienic environment etc.

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The Standards for Marketing Approval of Sanitary Napkins 1. Scope of the standards The standards shall be applied to quasi-drugs designed to absorb and treat menstrual blood (hereinafter referred to as “sanitary napkins”). 2. Standards The following standards are applied to sanitary napkins.

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Feb 20, 2018·Materials like tampons, cotton wool, toilet paper, and other organic materials used for menstrual management might be decomposed in pit latrines/landfills except the plastic inlay of the commercial sanitary pads. Sanitary napkins might decompose over a period of about one year except its plastic lining in on-site sanitation .

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