soaking alcohol in tampons for kids at home instructions

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Smuggle In Booze With Hidden Tampon Flasks | How To: Revenge- soaking alcohol in tampons for kids at home instructions ,Sep 17, 2014·Well, if you want to sneak alcohol into places you shouldn’t, this is just the right product for you to have in your arsenal. It’s best to stash spirits in your hidden flask, since beer and wine can only go so far. If security checks your purse, all they’ll see if your chaser bottle of diet coke, and some tampons as they wave you through.Vodka Tampons And 5 Other Bizarre Ways To Get Drunk ...Sep 22, 2016·Vodka tampons are exactly what they sound like — tampons drenched in vodka, and inserted in the vagina. This trend is more popular among teenagers in order to receive a quicker high that lasts longer, and is more intense. According to a CBS 5 report, teenagers are soaking them in vodka first before using them. It gets directly absorbed into ...

Changing of the Leaves - Science Fun

Materials: 3 green leaves from the same tree Rubbing alcohol 1 glass jar Plastic wrap Paper Strip from a coffee filter Small bowl with hot water in it Instructions: Break the all the leaves into tiny pieces and put them in the jar. Pour rubbing alcohol over the leaves until they are just covered. Mash and stir the leaves into the rubbing alcohol until the rubbing alcohol turns slightly green ...

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Teens using vodka tampons to get drunk | | azfamily

Nov 07, 2011·"Using a beer bong rectally is the same concept as a vodka soaked tampon," Thomas said. Rather than the traditional beer bong you'd find at a …

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Soaking Tampons in Vodka: The Facts - Recovery First ...

Aug 30, 2019·The side effects of alcohol-soaked tampons far outweigh the momentary feelings of pleasure and the ability to conceal the use of alcohol and hence pose a significant risk to reward; every teen should beware of this practice. This is an extremely dangerous practice that can be detrimental to teens and young adults.

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How to get drunk by soaking a tampon in alcohol - Quora

Jul 30, 2021·Answer (1 of 3): Similar to the butt chugging trend where young adults make use of funnels to transfer alcohol directly into their bodies through the rectum, in this particular trend, female teens soak tampons in alcohol, mostly vodka and then insert the tampons. The soaked tampons allow unrestri...

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5 Shocking Ways Your Kids Try to Get Drunk - ABC News

Sep 20, 2012·5 Shocking Ways Your Kids Try to Get Drunk. Hand sanitizer and gummy bears are repurposed by binge-drinking teens. Part 3: In some communities, …

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Vodka Tampons: Myth or Fact?

Aug 05, 2020·This means that even if you did figure out a way to make the tampon hold more alcohol, you’d have a significantly higher risk for alcohol poisoning. Then there’s the ouch factor to consider.

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Vodka-Soaked Tampons: Teens Using Dangerous Tactic …

Nov 04, 2013·It’s exactly how it sounds: girls soak tampons in alcohol, typically vodka, and insert them into their vaginas, but it isn’t only girls doing it. Boys are also taking part in this alarming trend.

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