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Tampon tax - Wikipedia- luxury tax on tampons ireland ,Jun 28, 2021·The tampon tax is as high as 20% in 10 member countries but it will be eliminated across the member states in 2022. However, some countries in the EU have managed to reduce or eliminate the tampon tax sooner. Ireland is the only EU country that did not charge the tampon tax upon joining the EU because it did not have one before. Germany also ...Does Ireland Have A Tampon Tax? We InvestigateMar 12, 2020·Research also revealed the countries with the lowest Tampon Tax: Republic of Ireland - 0%, UK - 5%, France 5.5%, Netherlands - 6%, Belgium - 6%. Tampons and sanitary towels are not subject to VAT in Ireland which has a zero rate treatment on women’s sanitary products.

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Apr 16, 2020·The tax on menstrual products, commonly known as the ‘tampon tax’ is a policy in which menstrual hygiene products are considered as a luxury item and consequently taxed at a higher rate than items deemed as a ‘necessary good’.Value-Added Taxes (VAT) on items classified as the latter are either reduced or in some cases exempt.

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