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Why do many people prefer to wear tampons instead of ...- tampons or pads yahoo answers questions ,Answer (1 of 5): What is comfortable to one person is uncomfortable to another person, because you know, people differ anatomically as well as in sensitivity. Pads are usually synthetic and will thus cause skin irritation/chafing and accumulation of odour (sweat and farts beside blood), and they ...Tampons Vs. Pads: Which is better for your period? | …Like tampons, pads come in a variety of sizes to meet your flow needs. Using pads is really easy, but, they aren’t for everybody. Since they are worn outside your body, people often complain about a wet feeling, diaper booty, and the stress of constantly checking for leaks. Some pads are thinner and shorter, while others are thicker and ...

Which is better tampons or pads? - Answers

Jul 02, 2009·The choice as to whether tampons or pads are better is a personal one. Some people find tampons more convenient, and some prefer pads. There …

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Jun 04, 2019·An expert answers all the most common queries. Sanitary towels, or pads as they’re commonly known, may need to be changed more frequently – as regularly as women need to feel comfortable and ...

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