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Tampax – Wikipedia- tampax tampons wikipedia ,Tampax [1] es una marca de tampón higiénico de Procter & Gamble y fue introducida a mediados de los años 50. Los tampones son uno de los pequeños inventos que han ejercido mayor impacto en la vida de las mujeres. En 1929, el doctor Earle C. Haas diseñó el primer tampón moderno, consiguiendo la primera patente en 1931 y empezando a comercializarlo con el nombre de Tampax.Tampon (menstruatie) - WikipediaLearn more about Tampax tampons and feminine care products, including tampon and period information and helpful women's health articles.

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History. The idea for a tampon which could be inserted without a separate applicator was initiated in 1947 by the German auto engineer Carl Hahn and the lawyer Heinz Mittag. They wanted to introduce tampons to the German market, but the cardboard used for the applicator in the American tampon product Tampax, which at the time dominated the market, was unavailable in post-war Germany.

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Rely was a brand of superabsorbent tampons made by Procter & Gamble starting in 1975. The brand's advertising slogan was "It even absorbs the worry!", and claimed it could hold up longer than the leading tampon, because it was made differently. " Remember, They named it …

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