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Playtex sport vs tampax pearl (how much of a problem is ...- playtex tampons vs tampax pearls ,Oct 09, 2011·I never use lite tampons. By the time my period is light I just use pantiliners. It depends how your period is, but I use the super and regular playtex sport tampons and they work just fine. Both Tampax pearl and Playtex Sport are good, but I like Playtex Sport a little better because they work a little better for me and they open all around.Tampax Pearl: Light Tampons | Tampax®Only Tampax Pearl tampons come in five different absorbencies, so you can move up or down to find what's right for you. Your flow is different every day, so your tampon should be, too. Click here to see ingredients and more. 36. Pearl Light. 18. Pearl Light. 50. Pearl Light. Buy now.

U By Kotex Vs. Playtex Vs. Tampex Pearl - YouTube

Jun 03, 2016·LIKECOMMENTSUBSCRIBE Created using VideoFX Live: VideoFXLive/FREE

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Pearl | Tampax®

Tampax. Pearl. Pearl. Your Flow is Different Every Day. Your Tampon size should be, too. Find Your Flow. Our Products. All Day Comfort & Protection for up to 8 hrs with a LeakGuard Braid™ to help stop leaks before they happen. Duo Packs: Trio Packs: Load more.

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Playtex : Tampons : Target

Playtex Sport Tampons - Plastic - Unscented - Regular - 36ct. Playtex. 4 out of 5 stars with 970 ratings. 970. $6.99. Only ships with $35 orders. Free standard shipping with $35 orders. Not at your store.

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The Best Tampons | Reviews by Wirecutter

Sep 17, 2019·2 Tampax. Tampax amazon. $19.99. SHOP NOW. Another familiar one: Tampax is similar to Kotex in that these are your everyday, typical tampons. Tampax comes in …

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Playtex Sport Tampons Or Tampax Pearl | Family Healthcare

Jun 10, 2018·I prefer using the Playtex sport tampons over Tampax pearl tampons. Designed with ultra absorbency in mind, the Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons is the perfect. Available in a multipack of 50 pieces, the Playtex Sport Tampons are. . a great deal of discomfort, or even worse, improper containment of your flow. *Vs. Tampax Pearl with similar ...

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Which tampon and why: Gentle Glide, Playtex Sport ...

Which tampon and why: Gentle Glide, Playtex Sport, Cardboard Tampax, Pearl, OB, Kotex, Kotex Click or something else? Close. 59. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. ... they're quite comfortable and they hold way way more than a tampon. It's a pity they don't get mentioned more! 1. Share.

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Difference Between Tampax Radiant and Tampax Pearl ...

Nov 20, 2021·Tampax Radiant vs. Tampax Pearl: Conclusion. Tampax Radiant and Tampax Pearl are very similar products from the same company. They are both great Tampax brands. Tampax Radiant is convenient, environment, and user-friendly from the packaging. Tampax Pearl, on the other hand, is cheaper while offering the comfort of Tampax tampons.

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