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We have our own factory in Nanjing, China. Among various trading companies, we are your best choice and the absolutely trustworthy business partner.

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Period Care | Bladder Care | Body Care - Cora- cora tampons how to use ,Cora provides period care, bladder care, and body care for every body. Customize your perfect mix of products and get it shipped directly to your door. With every purchase, we provide period pads and health education to those who need them.How to Insert a Tampon | CoraCora tampons come in four absorbances: Light, Regular, Super and Super Plus. The absorbency you choose is up to you, but we recommend trying a Light or Regular tampon first and moving up in absorbency i f you need to change your tampon more often than every four hours.

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11-05-2021·Organic: Some women want to use organic tampons since they are good for the skin and the environment. Organic tampons are made of organic cotton, and they are good to your skin. If you want an organic tampon, you can use Cora tampons or go for the Seventh Generation. They both are the best tampons for beginners that are organic in ...

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The Menstrual Cup | Cora

Designed to be the most comfortable and simple-to-use cup, possibly ever. The Cora Cup is a premium, ultra-soft, and sustainable alternative to pads and tampons. How Membership Works. Organic and natural body care, delivered to your door. 1. Choose. Choose the best cup size for your body.

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Once I began using these, my cramps were manageable (I felt it so I knew SHE was coming but I could still function with my everyday life). I only went through about 10 tampons per period and the remainder of the time I would just use a panty liner. I have been using these tampons for about 5 months and I highly recommend!

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Organic Tampons with Applicator | Cora

The BPA-free plastic applicator is paired with a redesigned cotton tampon that provides a smoother insertion (and removal) for a more comfortable wear. W-shape helps tampon expand widthwise to fit your body for total comfort and leak protection. Cora offers a range of absorbances from Light to Super Plus. Customize your mix to your needs.

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How to Use Period Underwear | Cora

Cora's period underwear is designed to fit a full range of bodies comfortably. These super soft bikini underwear absorb the equivalent of three regular tampons. Click here to learn about when and how to use period underwear.

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As opposed to the Cora tampons the Honest Company Tampons tend to fall apart and cotton can get left behind. These Cora tampons are really solid and easy to use. The only thing I preferred about the Honest Company was their use of 90% plant based applicators. I don't feel great about using all of the plastic but at least these are BPA free.

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How To Use A Tampon Right 2021

Feb 27, 2021·Choosing the right size of tampon sizes can be confusing, especially if you are new to using tampons. Source: . Best menstrual cup and why you should ditch the tampons. Do some experimenting when it comes to brands and styles. Source: . Cora organic cotton tampon super tampons cotton tampons. Finding the angle ...

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